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Best 5 SEO Tools Which You Might Not Have Used Yet...

What is SEO?SEO is a process which is used to improve the visibility of a website in a search engine results through organic and paid search results. According to Dewi Nawasari, a search marker, She defines SEO is a process which attract the relevant customers who searches your website from Google, Bing and Yahoo. How SEO Works?SEO targets different types of searches like, image, local, video, academic and news. Here are few SEO tools which are useful for small budget business. Same like in eCommerce, Wordpress and Advance PrestaShop SEO Modules,  you can use all these tools to manage your On page and off page SEO.    1.ISplonage
TheiSplonageis a well known tool which is used for PPC research. This tool has a strong and powerful feature of searching keywords.  If you enter a keyword in its search bar, you will see top 10 PPC competitors along advertising trend. It will show every competitor graphically. 2.CognitiveSEO
Once you have organized your targeted keywords, your next goal will be c…