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4 Ways To Collect Realistic Customer Feedback

Big names of ecommerce industry, like eBay and Amazon, have been utilizing customer reviews in the best favor of their businesses. Such reviews have been helping their customers to make a confident purchasing decision. Their 40% electronics’ customers revealed that they wouldn’t buy anything unless read the product reviews. Another study by Advances in Economics and Business based on influence of product reviews on purchasing decision of the buyers showed that 85.57% participants consider reviews quite often before buying online. And, out of all those participants, 83.65% make a comparison between positive and negative reviews before buying.
Benefits Of Using Customer Reviews
Customer reviews also help in gaining product insight, which is integral to predict the behavior of shoppers, for which there are many reporting tools available. Relying solely on the reporting tools or the sophisticated data isn’t a wise approach. Getting direct feedback from the customers can help retailers in p…