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Product Customization Module PrestaShop

Product Customization Module PrestaShop helps the web-merchants to enable the editing feature on product pages of the store. All the necessary editing options are available like adding text to the product, pasting an image on it, changing the positions or increasing or decreasing the font size. Price will be updated with each editing in the product images. Also each editing will be visible at the cart page so that order will be visible with more details. Admin can allow editing for things like caps, t-shirts, cups etc. This plugin creates a customization button on the product pages of the store and when a user clicks on the button, all the editing options will be seen.
Price: 130Euro

PrestaShop Redirection Module - Redirect URLs by Any Type

Do you want to URLs redirect your store to other addresses? Yes, it is possible with the use of PrestaShop redirection module. 
This plugin provides a simple form including old address, new address and the redirection type and then apply button. Thus all the system will be more simple to be implemented. 
Following are the top features of it; ·Any type of redirection e.g. permanent and temporary·Simple and easy interface·Avoid 404 errors·CSV files import and export feature

Price: 30 Euro