PrestaShop Redirection Module - Redirect URLs by Any Type

Do you want to URLs redirect your store to other addresses? Yes, it is possible with the use of PrestaShop redirection module. 
This plugin provides a simple form including old address, new address and the redirection type and then apply button. Thus all the system will be more simple to be implemented. 
Following are the top features of it; ·Any type of redirection e.g. permanent and temporary·Simple and easy interface·Avoid 404 errors·CSV files import and export feature

Price: 30 Euro

How to Send Newsletter in PrestaShop

Newsletter is the biggest source of getting traffic on your blog or website. If you own a web-store then it is best tool to introduce your store in front of public. Being a good merchants, you can send the most required news to your subscribers. For example, free products of your store.

Newsletter customization and sending is not supported by default in PrestaShop. Therefore, you have to add some twerks in it like discussed in this video tutorial.

To get extra informatio, you can follow this tutorial also.

PrestaShop Bulk Product Price Module

PrestaShop Bulk Product Price module is a great tool in ecommerce that enables merchants to update the batch product prices by just selecting the categories. If you want to update the prices just for certain product, just select the categories and then inside click those products for which you want update. This plugin is really time saving and need less effort to do this simple task. It is most suitable when you have thousands of products and your clients are just waiting for price update of those products.
For more help, watch the video

PrestaShop Store Design Service

PrestaShop is leaching through the market slowly but steadily. It is undoubtful that it will become a no. 1 CMS cum shopping cart in the future. Knowing this, all the starters should need to focus on making their business via PrestaShop.
Although, PrestaShop is very unique and simple to use but sometimes, it finds difficult for you to choose a premade theme from the market and install it for your business. In this case, you need to have a changed webdesign. If you looking to adopt a new design, just click here to contact with the best developers of PrestaShop at "FMEModules".


PrestaShop Store Only for Registered Users

PrestaShop Store Only for Registered Users Plugin is a best tool in PrestaShop that helps the web merchants to allow store visit to only registered customers. It means that old users have to login by entering password and user name and if a customer is new, he has to fill in the form and then wait for the admin to approve that registration.

More details

Visit this video below for more details.

Integration of Different Payment Gateways in PrestaShop – Manually and with Third Party Modules

PrestaShop is one of biggest shopping carts in the ecommerce industry with more than 9% of the internet’s shopping website’s in its fold. The reason why PrestaShop has made itself a prominent contender in the ecommerce world is its user friendly interface, abundant features, feature rich modules and elegant themes and designs that leave customers and merchant in awe. With so much to offer, PrestaShop is serving online stores to make the best out of their selling abilities and create an interactive environment for the visitors and customers. Among the many features rich modules that it offers such as Product Quotation, File Uploads and Like To Download, One Step Checkout is a game changer when it comes owning conversions.
Why Checkout Pages Are Important to Your Store
Having a reliable checkout page system in your store is imperative. It reflects the care you give to your customers and reduces bounce rates like magic. With a functional checkout by your side, you can add features in it…

4 Ways To Collect Realistic Customer Feedback

Big names of ecommerce industry, like eBay and Amazon, have been utilizing customer reviews in the best favor of their businesses. Such reviews have been helping their customers to make a confident purchasing decision. Their 40% electronics’ customers revealed that they wouldn’t buy anything unless read the product reviews. Another study by Advances in Economics and Business based on influence of product reviews on purchasing decision of the buyers showed that 85.57% participants consider reviews quite often before buying online. And, out of all those participants, 83.65% make a comparison between positive and negative reviews before buying.
Benefits Of Using Customer Reviews
Customer reviews also help in gaining product insight, which is integral to predict the behavior of shoppers, for which there are many reporting tools available. Relying solely on the reporting tools or the sophisticated data isn’t a wise approach. Getting direct feedback from the customers can help retailers in p…