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Pros And Cons Of PrestaShop Ecommerce Shopping Cart

The PrestaShop e-commerce is among the top free open source software available to start shopping cart. It suits those enterprises with low budget and willing to start an online store. The software has been developed in PHP and it is as good as web 2.0. The software is the most user friendly open source and requires less technical skills to get started with. The learning curve is very small as compare to Magento to run and maintain your store. The installation requirements are MySQL 5, Apache web server 1.3, PHP 5, Linux. There are some advantage and disadvantages of this software.

Advantages Flexibility of Administration panel! Merchant can customize his store the way he wants to make sure it is according to the customers’ need.It is light weight software which enhances the loading speed of the shopping store.Old themes can be replaced with new ones to keep the design updated. The customization of theme was never so easy. Merchant can modify it as per his requirement. Disadvantages It is…