2 Must have Modules That Work As Bricks In Completing Newly Lunched Prestashop Store

There are some modules which can be considered as the necessity of every prestashop store from first day of launch no matter what is going sell. Couple of them are discussed as under

Module For Testimonials Section

If you think of developing a testimonials section after having some sales then surely you are mistaken. You might take months to get your first sale. The best is to get reviews from your offline customers and post it in the website. The next step after creating a testimonials section is to grow your it and to grow you need to have advance modules which allows customers to directly post there testimonials  using a text box enable by an advance testimonials module.

Module For FAQ Section

The FAQ section is considered a requirement only when a store has grown up and receiving huge amount of queries. With the development of some advance module this concept has being criticized as these modules helps in building and displaying FAQs more dynamically. These modules allow user to ask questions in the FAQ section and merchants can respond to those questions in accordion style which results in building a reasonable amount of QA’s which works as FAQs for other users.

There are stores which requires some customized store to run the store as prestashop provides most common features thus for a unique store and a unique module one needs to Hire Prestashop Developer. But before your hire spend some time to make sure that the module has not being developed by any of the developer before and it’s not available in the market as the custom module development cost more as compare to buy a module which has already being developed.


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