4 Tips To Improve Online Customers Loyalty

Customer loyalty is hard to earn, harder to retain it is hardest earn and retain when it comes to online business. It’s better to listen an existing customer to keep him loyal instead of looking for new ones by discouraging old customers. Never run after the sales instead try to find ways to increase customer followings and this will surely benefit in long term and good for brand image.

Addict Your Customers
Don’t let your customers forget about you, keep them updated by sending new product newsletter a special discount code for the old customers to make them feel they are different and special for your company. The best practice is to send yearly gifts on Christmas to remind your customers about your store and keep bringing them back to your online store.

Respond Early:
Store owners should not only respond but they should do it quick and don’t let your customers feel that your customer support is responsive but slow. Being turtle in responding will not help you to retain the loyalty of those customers who are hasty in nature and look for the thing to be done early.

Keep Customers Engaged In Social Network Pages:

The development of social networks like twitter and Facebook has made it compulsory for every store owner to have their presence in social networks as they are second biggest source of sales and traffic after search engines. The customer might not visit your website regularly but they come to their social network profiles regularly. This is from where a merchant have to attract those customer to re visit your site and remember it for the future purchases. 

The merchants should keep their customers engaged in social network participation by introducing different competition in social network pages. Stay active on the profiles and respond to the customer questions posted in your social network profiles and do not ban customers posting bad comments infact reply them with logical reason to keep your fan following increasing.

Give Full And Proper Product Demonstration:

Make sure your product pages are complete and does not state any extra feature which your product do not posses. The customers might purchase product by expecting high on the basis of your product page details and after the purchase if the product does not performs as per the expectation then it will end up bad user experience and you will lose a potentially loyal customer. We suggest use of different tools to share videos, reviews and FAQs like Prestashop product videos allows merchants to post videos in product page and give video demonstration of the product.


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