How Customer’s Testimonials Boosts up your Business?

You have given a lot of time and struggled a lot to flourish your online business but the results are not in the favor of you i.e. sales are not increasing. Definitely you will do a research to know about the hidden problems due to which your business is not growing. More deep analysis shows that although you are retaining your potential customers but the new customers are not coming to you. Finally you came to know that some negative reviews are there on the internet about your products which discourages the customers to shop from your store.
This shows that online reviews are very crucial for those business owners who want to keep hold on the reputation of their business. These reviews reflect the expertise, quality and reliability of your company. Business strategies are now totally changed as customers prefer to read reviews and watch demos before buying the products. They reject the products with negative reviews so improve your quality of services and products in such a way that customers will incline to give positive review about your e-store.

Improving Your Business Reputation Must be Your TOP Strategy

E-merchants adopts different marketing strategies like SEO, SMO, Back Linking, advertisement through Radio, TV and Magazines for promotion of their online business. These strategies are helpful to popularize you in the public but increasing the reputation of your e-store through getting positive comments from the potential customers is more important. There are online examples of such e-stores who targeted this strategy and they are successful. For example, our company FMM has seen an increase in sales after they showcased reviews from of their customers.

Search Engines Shows Customer Reviews in SERP 

Recently, Google has announced that they will show customer’s reviews in SERP. They have introduced different features like AdWords Review Extension through which viewers are able to see reviews under an AdWords advertisement in SERP of a keyword search. Another feature is Shared Endorsements according to which Google will collect all the information about a website i.e. photographs, rating, comments etc. and then show them in the SERP when a related keyword searched. Google Plus Reviews is another used option where you can submit your product and get reviews. Yelp is another source of reviews where customers can search reviews about a products. This shows that reviews are greatly considered by important search engines. Customers can also post reviews through Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing etc. So enable a Google alert which will inform you when someone posts a review about your company name or certain products.

Tips to Get Better Reviews

Here are some of tips which can help you to get better reviews from the customers.
1       Showcase some reviews on your website so that other customers also take interest in giving reviews.
2       In the case, you get a negative review, trace out that customer, communicate with him politely to resolve his issue and request him to give a positive review after resolution of problem.
3       Social Share the method of commenting or reviewing on your website.
4       Include a box for comments on your website so that people can easily give reviews on your website. For a tip Advance Testimonial Module can serve this purpose for your PrestaShop based e-store.
5       Ask your loyal customers to give reviews about your products. 

Benefits of Online Reviews

Good reviews are always beneficial for your business. They leave a positive impact on the minds of viewers as they find a reason to purchase products from you. Here are some key benefits.

·         Increased Conversion Rate

Customers can easily make a shopping decision after reading positive reviews about a certain product.

·         Improvement In your quality

When customers give review about a product, you will be able to know the defects and faults in your product. Hence you can improve product quality.

·         Higher Keywords Ranks

Search engine prefers your content when related keywords are used in the comments or reviews. So request your customers to use your keyword in the review.

·         Win Customer’s Trust

When you allow the customers to give feedback, they think that you are giving a platform where they can raise their voice.

·         Customer Engagement

When some reviews are posted on your website, other people take interest to post their own comments. So customers remain engaged with your page.

Fake reviews are always discouraged


Search engine are now more intelligent than the past. If you post a fake review then there are chances that search engine will detect and penalize your website. Normally, reviews are posted with real names and complete profiles. If you try to give a fake review then Search can judge it by finding the complete profile of that person which you used for review. Search engines will also check those comments with excessive praise or the opposite.


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