4 Tips To Increase The Exposure Of Events Through Social Media

Do you organize events, seminars and meeting through online business?

""Undoubtedly, social channels plays huge role in the exposure of successful event and making aware to attendees about the occurrence of an event"".

Keeping the importance of social campaign in mind, here we are four tips to increase exposure of events by using social media:

1. Use Hash-Tag For Event Sharing: 

Hash Tagging enables a simple way to trace out appropriate social sharing points, where you can join discussion of respective event. A Hash-Tag should encompass following ingredients, when you are sharing your event in the relevant social circle:
  •         Display snapshot of Hash-Tag on the website of event i.e. show Tweet on the homepage of PrestaShop site hashing about event.
  •         In order to promote event to potential attendees, use Hash-Tag, so that corresponding attendees and their social circles could know who is tweeting for your event.
  •         Channels such as slides, brochures, advertising and directories should have Hash-Tag, so that a participant could instantly find out how to tweet about respective event and join them on social media.
  •     Presence of Hash-Tag on the content of event reflects that people in your contact are aware of your event and they should be using it on social circles. Make the speakers & participants of the event are motivated to mention Hash-Tag at the starting and even after the end of presentation, they should respond to Tweets. Concisely, it can be said that as attendees can visualize the effective utilization of social platform, more they will be motivated towards the event.

2. Incorporate Social Media Features In Mobile App:

Nowadays it has become a trend that attendees can have mobile app for events and conferences. The plugin is not expected to be extensive but at least it should contain schedule, map and informative guideline about the event.
However, some event organizers have taken apps to next level by adding feature of social media in the plugin. Such integration is very crucial for the attendees in a way that it enables them to connect with other participants of event, since users frequently like it to be used to locate perfect social places.
Likewise, events module for PrestaShop store allows an event manager to create and manage events, whether for Ecommerce or any other type of website. Apart from basic features like calendar view of event, Google maps integration, videos and media gallery to manage events, along with this add-on is also enabled for social sharing, so that your event could be shared on well-liked social platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus and over twenty other social networks.
Therefore, it is advised incase if you intend to create mobile app for any event, then you should take one-step ahead by including social media support for promotion.

3. Arrange A Social Media Cell:

As attendees of your event post on different social channels, so you should provide them a social media cell to show your responsive attitude of you about event. In order to do so dedicate people which are specialize in the management of various social platforms, which ensure to grab attention of participants with priority not in a typical way.
For instance, if members are asking questions by using Hash-Tag then you should ensure quick response on priority basis. Depending upon the scale of event, designate the responsibilities to the staff of media cell or network operations center (NOC) to respond questions and comments posted on the social media by using big screens.

4. Utilize Social Media To Query Attendees:

There are many questions in the mind of attendants, which they want to be answered by the organizers of the event, but due to unavailability of time and resources, they can’t be completely entertained.
Several events and conferences have taken up social channels like Twitter that enable attendees to Tweet the query along with Hash Tagging. Availability of such facility outcomes in two ways, it makes question asking easier for attendees and boosts the social reach of your event.


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