4 Ways To Collect Realistic Customer Feedback

Big names of ecommerce industry, like eBay and Amazon, have been utilizing customer reviews in the best favor of their businesses. Such reviews have been helping their customers to make a confident purchasing decision. Their 40% electronics’ customers revealed that they wouldn’t buy anything unless read the product reviews. Another study by Advances in Economics and Business based on influence of product reviews on purchasing decision of the buyers showed that 85.57% participants consider reviews quite often before buying online. And, out of all those participants, 83.65% make a comparison between positive and negative reviews before buying.

Benefits Of Using Customer Reviews

Customer reviews also help in gaining product insight, which is integral to predict the behavior of shoppers, for which there are many reporting tools available. Relying solely on the reporting tools or the sophisticated data isn’t a wise approach. Getting direct feedback from the customers can help retailers in predicting what customers are thinking. The additional benefit of getting direct customer reviews is strengthening relationship with the customers. The more you show care the better will be your business image, resulting in improved sales.

How to collect customer reviews or suggestions? This post will help that purpose. Keep reading!

1.      Collect Product Reviews-Based Feedback
By asking customers to rate a product or provide feedback about certain products, merchants can improve the product development and marketing strategies. A proper rating or feedback system will help you in determining which features to add and which to remove. The following product review systems could be implemented for better feedback.

Product Review script: It’s licensed software, used at Amazon, allowing users to rate products on 1-5 scale and to add comments if they have any. On receiving every review, the merchant is notified by an email. The reviews are posted on the site after being approved by the merchant. This software is available against $125 as onetime fee or on lease against $50/year.

Product review app: It has been used at Shopify. It adds a product review box at the product pages. Merchants can customize the reviews without knowing how to code. The amazing thing is that the product review box automatically adjusts with the e store design. It helps managing, filtering, and exporting product reviews efficiently. The review scores could also be added to the Google search results.

Product testimonials extension: If you want to show product reviews in PrestaShop, this FME's PrestaShop product reviews module is the best. It allows only actual buyers of the product to post reviews. The testimonials could be about website, service, or product. Customers can also rate other testimonials as well. It’s affordable (€69) and easy to manage. This extension is also available on official PrestaShop Forum here.    

2.      Collect Social Media-Based Feedback

Social media platforms are powerful enough to make or break the image of a business. Similarly, to collect customer feedback, these channels could be made good use of. It’s not just about receiving customer feedback, but to comment and communicate with them, which helps in building business repute. E merchants should keep track of the customers’ reviews about their products on social channels. It could be done by using local search options of the social media sites. Social Mention and UVRX are the sites helping in searching across different social platforms and blogs. For exact search in these tools, use the query within quotation marks. It won’t display individual terms.  

3.      Collect Email Based Feedback

Through emails, you can engage with customers privately. This approach could be utilized for follow-up on online buying or the customer service provided. If there is an existing email marketing system working for your e business, you can incorporate the feedback system into that for better response. You can also use an autoresponder for every customer or the subscriber to rate the products or the services.

4.      Collect Live Chat Based Feedback
The best approach to answer any queries in a real time manner is conducting a live chat. You can know why people visit your site and can answer any of their queries about the product or service. With live chat, you can recommend the best relevant products people are looking for and can help shoppers in smooth navigation of the site. There are customizable live chat solutions to include in your e store like BoldChat, Website Alive, and LiveChat. These are mobile friendly and have reporting features as well.
Have you realized how important it is to collect customer feedback and to include their reviews at your online store? It helps in improving the business image, building stronger relationships with the clients, and helping them in easy shopping online.

Share your views or experiences of using product reviews at your e shop. 


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