Integration of Different Payment Gateways in PrestaShop – Manually and with Third Party Modules

PrestaShop is one of biggest shopping carts in the ecommerce industry with more than 9% of the internet’s shopping website’s in its fold. The reason why PrestaShop has made itself a prominent contender in the ecommerce world is its user friendly interface, abundant features, feature rich modules and elegant themes and designs that leave customers and merchant in awe. With so much to offer, PrestaShop is serving online stores to make the best out of their selling abilities and create an interactive environment for the visitors and customers. Among the many features rich modules that it offers such as Product Quotation, File Uploads and Like To Download, One Step Checkout is a game changer when it comes owning conversions.

Why Checkout Pages Are Important to Your Store

Having a reliable checkout page system in your store is imperative. It reflects the care you give to your customers and reduces bounce rates like magic. With a functional checkout by your side, you can add features in it such as additional custom fields, guest checkout option, one page checkout and shortcuts etc. But one thing that customers yearn for during checkout process is the option of multiple payment gateways. If you own a store which deals with customers form different regions across the world, having multiple payment gateways in yout checkout page is some you should never sideline.

Add PrestaShop Payment Gateways from Back-Office

It every customer prefers their own trustworthy payment gateways and its absence in your checkout page can mean the difference of being sold or being abandoned. Although many payment gateways are already integrated in your PrestaShop website, you must have the all the necessary ones to make sure you don’t have to lose a lead just because some customer prefers Paypal over Bankwire. Here is a simple method where you can do it from the back end.

As PrestaShop has built in payment gateways already, we will show you a step by step guide to integrate one,

1.      First things fist, log into your PrestaShop Account for the back end that will take you to the dashboard.

2.      Once you see the menu bar on the top, hover over the Modules tab and select Module button.

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3.      After clicking modules, you will see on the left side of the page the module categories. Which ever category you click it will open a range of options for you to choose or edit. In this case you will click on Payment and Gateways.

4.      On the right side of the page you will find a list of payment gateways that you can add in your store, you can click on the install button on the right side of the module.

5.      After the module has been successfully installed, click on the configure link and start selecting the settings you prefer for the payment gateway.

6.      When your customer enters the checkout page, they will be able to see the payment gateway and use it to purchase items form your online store. ( a fee is charged for every transaction made from the gateway)

How to Add it with Third Party Modules

Another method of adding payment gateways to your checkout page is through third party applications. This method is easy and requires no additional technical knowledge to add them. All you have to do is find a good extension that has a complete list of widely used payment gateways and install it to your website. PrestaShop One Step Checkout Module allows you to not only integrate a huge list of payment gateways, but also converts your 6-page checkout to one page. This quickens the checkout process and reduces abandonments that often happen as a result of shifting from one page to the other.

From PrestaShop One Step Checkout Module you can add Paypal, Bankwire, Cheque, Cashondelivery, Payulatam, Pagseguro, Ogone, Ferbuy, Vtpayment, Adyen, Pigmbhpaymill, Sofortbanking and Realexredirect to your checkout page. It not only enhances the page view, but also increases engagement as more options are available for the customer to choose from. Those customers that have multiple accounts on different payment gateways can choose the one which offers them secure payment or forms incentives or special offers such as gifts and discounts. The more payment options you have, the better will be the conversion rates on your website.


Both methods are effective means to add payment gateways to your PrestaShop Store. With the increasing number of companies introducing their money transfer methods, you can integrate as many as you want through third party applications. With the help of PrestaShop One Step Checkout Module, you can add useful features and allow customers to choose from their preferable means of transaction at the same time. 


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