Automatic Pricing Is Necessary for eCommerce Websites

Customers take interest in those websites which provides extra feature and functionalities during online shopping process. One of the advance features is Automatic calculation of prices of products. Store owners usually show the prices in catalog or in product pages. But what will happen when customer want to buy a variable sized product like barrels, floor, liquids, banners, fabric, blinds, canvas etc. It becomes difficult to show the price because it varies for different sizes/dimension of products.

Manual Pricing In The Past

 If you are living in nineteenth century then online shopping was impossible keeping in view the problem of variable pricing. Customers are forced to buy a product manually and the possible solution was that you open a CSV pricing file, scan it for required combination of size price and tell the price. The same phenomenon is used now but with advance characteristics. Now it is the responsibility of computer to match this combination in a spread sheet file.

Advantages of Automatic Pricing

There are several advantages of automatic pricing. Some are given below.
·         Automatic Pricing takes less time during calculation.
·         Chances of error are reduced
·         Easy to manage from the back end

How CSV Pricing Module works

CSV Pricing is not available in default PHP platforms. Another module is needed to be installed on the domain e.g. PrestaShop Websites uses CSV pricing Module for automatic calculation. Advance automatic pricing is based on excel file which stores tabular information (text and numbers) in rows-column form. When a customer enters the sizes/dimensions e.g. length/widths or length/height a backend process runs to scan the price for required combination in the excel file. If found, will be displayed on product page in seconds. This procedure can be understood by following example.
A customer wants to buy window blinds. He enters any value of length and width.  Suppose the following matrix is formed.
Increase in Width
Length= 9 feet; Width = 12 feet; Price = $50.0
  Length = 7 feet; Width = 16 feet; Price = $30.0
Increase in Length
Length= 10 feet; Width = 4 feet; Price = $50.0
 Length= 15 feet; Width = 4 feet; Price = $70.0

 Features of CSV Pricing

 If such module is used, it gives more features related to excel sheet pricing such as
·         Single CSV file can be used for multiple products and different files can be used with different products.
·         Custom labels can be defined for rows and columns of CSV file.
·         Admin can enter different prices for different combinations.
Currently, automatic pricing has become the need of online stores. It has saved the time and calculation difficulties. Now Store owners have no need to worry about the pricing of variable sized products.


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