Tips to Improve Your Product’s Presentation

One of the main goals of e-store owners is to attract new customers and improve their retention. They utilize their costly resources to build a stylish and informative website. Despite of these characteristic in their website, either fewer customers are visiting their website or conversion rate is too slow. Why? The reason is that customers have to spend more time to know about your products. So it is important to improve the efficiency of your website by adding extra features in it.

Give Ease to Your Customers

The question arises in the mind that what are the things which can be done so that customers feel a unique experience while shopping from your e-store. One of the possible areas which can be improved is the presentation of your website pages so that customers can access their required information quickly. Presentation of product’s page is preferred than all other pages. Even when your website is stylish but the product’s details are not assessable quickly then customers may leave your website.

Fast Shopping Is Now Become Reality

Usually, products are listed on the home and category pages and visitors have to click on the product images or read more button for complete information of that product. Uniqueness can be created by eliminating the need of clicks i.e. allowing the customers to view the product detail on home or category pages through a pop up light box which is also called Quick View of the products. Using a “PrestaShop Quick View Extension” on PrestaShop platform, merchants can eliminate many hurdles during e-shopping and assist buyers to order their products with comparative ease and satisfaction. Now viewers have no need to visit more pages during shopping because quick view enables them to see the product details and shop quickly.

Benefits of Quick View Module

Quick view is becoming a need of every PrestaShop based stores. It has much functionality. Some of those are;

Unique Experience to the Customers: 

There is no need to create an extra page because quick view light box lands on the same page hidden behind the scene. This gives a unique experience of shopping to the customer.
  • Easy Shopping:  

Visitors have no need to go the products and shopping page. They quickly view the product and send it to cart.
Reduces Server Loads

Fewer pages are needed to show product’s details, so load on your hosting server reduces.
Extra Features: 
This module gives extra features beyond the actual purpose. Hence it cut short the need to use other products. Some features are;
  •          Magnification of product picture
  •          Print function;
  •          Tab layout for easy navigation;
  •          Link to “view full product” details;
  •          Facebook Like button.
One important point is that when you use this feature on your e-store, try to use a full sized image of your product so that quick view and add to cart button would be clearly visible to the viewers.


Finally, customer ease and satisfaction is the aspect which should be focused by the e-merchants even they have to spend some money, as the end result will be in the favor of them.


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