Tips to Improve Checkout Process for Conversions

This is ruthless fact of e-commerce that most of the people run away from the check out pages of products. A research shows that about 59.8% customers’ leaves their carts abandoned. The questions arises in the mind that why this percentage is so high? One of the several reasons is the lengthy and confusing checkout process. It is seen that customer leaves a checkout page if it is confusing and search for another e-store with easy and short check out process. Hence web store owners mainly focus on how to improve their website performance and efficiency in such a way that customers feel ease and satisfaction.

Plan an enhanced Checkout Experience

          Check Out involves a lengthy process comprising of six pages where customers can fill information about Registration, Billing/shipping address, delivery method, add to cart, check out option, comments page. These steps come after the other and make the check out process lengthy and confusing. There is a need of some better option to enhance the checkout experience such that it does not involve page reloading, step within step, UN-necessary/useless information etc. A better idea is to reduce the number of pages i.e. convert six pages to one page where customers can enter all their information. Multiple e-Commerce stores are using this feature on their checkout pages and they are successful after using it e.g. FMM who has watched an increase in his cart conversions by using this feature.
             This feature is not available in the default PrestaShop and it needs some extra add-on such as One Step CheckOut to be installed on web store domain to minimize the checkout steps.

Benefits of One step check out

            One step check out create a unique impact on your website. It helps to decrease the cart abandoned rates and give a unique experience of check out to the customers. Some of the benefits are;

·         Less Steps

            Customers have to visit only one page. Hence less click are involved by reducing the steps.

·         Save customers from confusion

            Customers will be clear about the thing that they can shop a product by filling the information on only one page. Customers have no suspense that what will be next information they have to enter on next page.

·         Less time consumed to shop a product

           Customer’s time is also very important. Now they have to spend less time during the checkout process.

·         No Pages reloads

          One step check out does not involves pages reloads. So, server overloading can be reduced.

·         Unique customers experience

           One step checks out gives a unique experience during shopping. Customers will be happy after buying with the chances that they will come again

·         Admin get all information at a single page

           One step checkout provides ease to the admin. Now he can see customer’s information at only one page.

·         Reduction of errors

           Now customers have to concentrate on only one page that reduces the chances of errors of mistakes in orders.
           But keep this thing in mind that 6 pages information onto one page does not clutter the page because each information block is placed uniquely on one page as shown in the figure below.
Converting a lengthy process to a simpler one definitely increase the conversion rate of your products.


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