E-Ticketing! A Great Solution for On Line Customer Support

 Customer’s satisfaction is the key point for running a successful business. They can make or break the reputation of your company. A good testimonial from the customer on your website like “This product has helped me to improve my business” attracts other customers to buy your product and a bad review like “Support Team is very slow to resolve my issue” always creates a hideous impression on other customers. They hesitate to buy the products because these comments discourage them and they can’t trust you. This shows that resolving the customer’s problems is how much important.

What Customers want?

When customers use your products, it is obvious that they may face some problems while using your product. Customers will contact your for help and need following things from you.
  •           A responsive and friendly complaint system
  •          Complaints should be heard and understood
  •          A respected behavior from you
  •          An explanation about the complaint
  •          Any technical help if needed

What companies want?

Companies want an easy to use system which helps them to communicate well with their customers. Following are some of the things which are needs by the companies.
·         A customer friendly system to accept customer’s complaints
·         Clear procedure for solving the problems
·         Usage of complaints data to recognize and solve the problem
·         Improving that product about which complaint is made.

Customer Satisfaction in Past

Handling of customer’s complaints in the past involves a slow process and it was so much exhausting that not only the customers get irritated but also the product owners. Some methods used are phone calls and emails which involve more than one department for solution of the complaint. Transferring a customer’s call or forwarding an email to another department always involves a waiting time which irritates the customers.

E-ticketing! A great solution

Complaint handling is now become easier. It is possible now for both customer and owner to handle and manage the complaints in a systematic way.  If you are running a PrestaShop based web-store then PrestaShop Customer Service Add-on is a better solution for handling customer’s complaint through e-tickets generated by the customers. Customers have to send an e-ticket to the company after entering his e-mail, help topic, subject, problem etc. Companies track the ticket from the back end and resolve the issue. Along with this, companies can define, premade replies, priorities, departments, ticket status, email templates, internal notes and a lot more. Multiple companies are using this system and they are successful in retaining their potential customers e.g. FME who has used this system to improve their complaint handling system.

Advantages of good complaint Handling

Better Complaints handling is an important way to build customer’s trust. It is a feedback from the customers to improve your products or services. Here are some of the key benefits of good complaint handling system. Customer’s issues can be solves in a cost-effective and timely way.
  •         It gives the information that can be used to improve your products by resolving technical problems.
  •          Better Complaints handing helps to develop reputation of your company. More customers are         attracted to your e-store with the result of increasing sales.
  •          It is more easy and beneficial to retain the old customer rather than acquiring new customers.
  •          It helps to win customer’s loyalty and there are more chances that they will shop again from you.
  •          It helps to know more about customer needs and habits.


A good complaint handling system helps to promote your business. Successful businessmen take these complaints as a chance to build strong relationships with customers and gain their trust. Well handled customer’s queries assists to retain the existing clients and attract the newer once.


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