Why Clean URL is Necessary for Your Website?

Business of store owners, merchants, and whole sellers’ mainly depends upon their websites. If layout and design of website is worth seeing and informative then customer takes interest in them. Mainly stores are of two types that are Web store (who sells downloadable software and applications) and goods stores (who sell hardware and goods).Almost half of the Business of both runs on their website. So everyone wants to improve the quality of their website which is measured in two ways.
·         If the website is to the point and stylish, then customer will take interest and explore different pages. As traffic of your website increases and sales boosts up.
·         If the website is search engine friendly then it attains better ranking. As a result more users visit your website and possibility of conversion increases.
Default PrestaShop based websites are simple in design and provides less options to increase the functionality. For this purpose, different plug-in are used. For example Google Store Locator, Quick View, Product tab, Home tabs, advance blog, advance SEO etc. But these plug-in have no direct concern with Google ranking. It only works to improve the layout and services on your website. Google ranking and website layout both are of same importance. My main focus of this discussion is how to improve Search Engine ranking. The first thing that a search engine finds in your website is the URL. If it is informative and concise then creates a better impression on search engine.

Common Causes of Auto Generated IDs, Numbers and Tags

  • Dynamic generation of documents: When dynamic documents are opened then counters, timestamps and advertisements make changes in the main website.
  • Problematical parameters in the URL:  Session Ids creates massive change in the main URL.
  • Sorting parameters: During sorting process of items, results in greater number of URLs.  
  • Irrelevant parameters in the URL Referral procedure creates a massive URL.
  • Calendar issues. A dynamic generated calendar also generates links to future and previous dates with no restrictions on start of end dates.
  • Broken relative links. Broken relative links can often cause more spaces. Normally, this problem arises because of repeated path elements.

What is a Perfect URL?

Default PrestaShop URLs contains Session IDs, Numbers and tags which are useless and unnecessary. A URL is considered to be “clean” if there are no question marks, ampersands or equal signs in it. Almost all SEO guides actually strongly recommend having none of these characters in your URLs to achieve a higher ranking. Take a glance at the URL below:
This URL does not easily describe the title or contents of the page at a glance. These patch of text; catalog.jsp?page= and &id=, are URL parameters that are not needed.
 Its cleaned version is;
Obviously the second example has a more simple & professional look. There are more chances to be clicked on when shared on your Twitter or Facebook profile and also search engine prefer it to index it.

Why Search Engine prefer Clean URL?

·         Firstly, a clean URL shows more relevance with the keywords searched. So Search Engine gives that URL better rank than others.
·         Secondly, Google boats, crawlers and spiders take less time to index a clean URL than a bulky URL. So they consider that a website with clean URL will have quality content.

What is the Solution of this Problem?

The easiest solution of this problem is to use some useful module on your website such as PrestaShop Advance friendly URL Module which automatically removes session IDs, number and tags from your website. This is the only way that your site becomes Search Engine friendly. As a result, not only viewers of your site increase but also sales and conversion automatically boosts up.


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