Some Worth-Gaining PrestaShop Modules

PrestaShop is a widely used open source Ecommerce framework, according to Wikipedia more than 165,000 web stores are using it in sixty-three languages to earn revenue. Several volunteers are contributing in the development of attributes apart from default three hundred & ten features; they are also selflessly playing part in development of PrestaShop modules. Among these volunteers, FME is one of the contributors, which are rendering their services for PrestaShop commerce since its emergence. Following their trend, they are presenting some worth-gaining plug-ins, which are the demand of modern age PrestaShop store.

The PrestaShop custom fields extension allows a purchaser to add customized fields on the checkout page, such fields can be used to capture both input as well as output when a client is about to checkout. The plug-in supports text area, yes/no option, date/ time, drop down, checkbox, text field, radio button, message and multi select fields. The additional information obtained from various fields can be used for sake of improvement in promotional campaign, services and information in context of commodity.

Some Important Points:

  • The module allows a seller to add unlimited fields on the checkout page of shopping website.
  • The add-on is capable to perform field validation in automatic manner.
  • PrestaShop checkout manager can assign default values and position to fields.
  • The Custom fields PrestaShop plug-in allows a merchant to adopt that step on which he want to add custom fields by using drop down option.
PrestaShop pretty URL module is capable to devise those URLs, which are feasible from both user as well as search engine point of view. The extension can automatically add name of category, CMS pages, product, supplier and retailer so that hierarchy of the page could be understood from URL. The plug-in can trim the address of the page in a dynamic manner by eliminating IDs or randomly generated scripts that does not reflect the page.

Some Important Points:

·         The PrestaShop rewrite URL can also redirect to new previous URLs to new pretty URLs.
·         The extension is plug n play i.e. it can automatically clean the website addresses soon after its installation.
·         The module can removes tags, session IDs and figures from URL so that they could be readable to search engines as well as humans. Download this extension here.

The PrestaShop help desk is an online ticketing system that can handle queries and complaints of multiple customers in a concurrent manner. The module does not require a vendor to cater about complaints via phone call, email and suggestions. The eticket plug-in makes you capable to manage & assign ticket priorities, status, internal notes, email templates, premade replies, departments etc.

Some Important Points:

  • A ticket manager can manage information of client likewise Ticket ID, Subject, status, priority, customer, edit and response date of last user.
  • Admin can view information of any ticket such as date of creation of ticket, email, department, attachment, date of last response from user, staff correspondence etc.
  • The add-on allows the admin to modify premade email templates as well as replies to send auto generates system messages.
  • The PrestaShop customer support plug-in also provides captcha support avoid spamming in tickets. View its demo here.


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